Great Green Play for For All!

Welcome to my home, a New York State licensed family daycare program. My playroom is all the things I want most for children as a teacher and mother. I am grateful for the people and ideas that have helped The Tinker Tree grow, and together,we work toward our mission of “Great, Green Play for All.”

Our playroom is great, if I do say so. We have a large toy collection and lots of books. We have dozens of bObles that serve as a constantly changing landscape for the children’s ideas. Our caregivers are fabulous, warm and attentive. Our program was rated 7 out of 7 on the Family Childcare Environment Rating Scale by The Child Care Consortium.

Every day we are “greening.” We want a healthy planet, and know our small steps can make things better. Our curriculum is rooted in urban nature, as observed by taking care of our home, and getting as green as we can be. As we learn and improve our space, the children are part of that process. From our art materials, sensory play, mealtimes and fitness play, we talk about how our health is tied to earth, air, water and sunshine.

Play is the best part of life, and we believe that play is a human right (for grown-ups too!). All creatures play, and through play the most effortless, effective and dynamic learning can happen. We encourage our children to use things in new ways, because with a little imagination any problem can be solved, any idea can take wings; we can make mistakes and try again, and friends make things all the better.

For All:
We believe high quality early care will serve a child forever. We believe, like many others, that early childhood is the most magical period of life. In this time, children are playing through a brand new world with eager senses. They are curious and compassionate creatures, and they have a lot to teach us. We accept children from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities, and help families when they need us. Through our Great Green Playdate and web store we support Healthy Child, Healthy World, an organization dedicated to reducing children’s exposure to the toxic chemicals hiding in everything from food to pajamas. We participate in activism, and we stand for sharing because we believe there is enough for everybody – especially if we don’t worry and don’t waste!

– Natalie Cronin, Founding Director