We’re getting ready for a rally,

We have so much to say,

We calling on our governor,


We are painting signs and singing,

Calling all our friends,

Asking them to join us,

to be sure polluting ends,

We are not afraid to fight and stand up for our lands,

We are the people, one, united, marching, holding hands,

We say to the polluters, we know the truth,our art exposes the  lies,

And we say to our officials, see the science, open your eyes,

As a little child we are taught love our mother, the earth,

As a parent we learn so deeply just what a life is worth,

We are the same water, air and dirt and we need the same great sun,

All plants, creatures and peoples, all creation, we are woven into one.

Thank you, thank you, thank you:)



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