I love to read out loud. Some of my favorite read-along books are coming around again and it’s fun to think about where my 2s are now compared to how they enjoyed this story last year. My son and other 2008 kids are in Kindergarten and I am reminded of them, and their little ways to help me share a book. I think about my babies who have moved away and their favorite moments in storybooks. XOXO to all my little monsters:)

Crankenstein, Samantha Berger

The illustrations are hilarious, giving justice to each parent reading it aloud with gleeful understanding of the green booger-dripped monster that takes over our kids “when it’s too cold on Halloween,” or “when you say it’s bedtime,” (Crankenstein hates when you say it’s bedtime!) Practice a high-pitched syrupy-sweet voice and a sloppy low-growly one. The more opposite they are the harder my kids laugh.


The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, Linda Williams

This one is fun to do with props. I use recycled-shaker instrument, a bucket or big container (a big yogurt one is good), and a lid from a jar that has the air-bubble on it. In this story, the little old lady fearlessly walks the woods as an un-occupied pair of boots, pants, a shirt, hat, gloves and a pumpkin head all follow her home. She’s not afraid, but she helps them figure out a way to be scary and helpful. Each of the clothes has a sound-and the bucket, lid and shaker help me teach sequencing in the most fun way ever. Experiment with things that make noise in your house for your own sound effects!


Big Pumpkin, Erica Silverman

“It’s big and it’s mine and it’s stuck on the vine and Halloween is just hours away,” said the Witch, and she kicked that pumpkin. The kids always laugh there. You gotta have a cool way to kick on that line- even if you nudge your kid with your foot a bit.


Room on The Broom, Julia Donaldson

This one also repeats a verse and is in rhyme! I love to read this one and skip words, allowing my kids to finish. It also has a big “NOOOOOoooo!” and my kids LOVE any book with the word, “no.” Bigger the better. I also love it because the witch and her animal companions continue a round of pay-it-forward kindnesses that is truly magnificent indeed.


The Spider and the Fly, by Mary Howitt, illustrated by Tony DeTerlizzi

This book is beautiful. It lets you have a spooky voice. It ends in doom, but what did you expect?  Tell it in the dark with flashlights. It’s a great way to talk about the days getting shorter and the change of the season.

I will be reading these and some others on the lawn at Pier 62 as part of our Green Halloween Celebration this year. Tinker Tree’s Great Green Playdate is bringing the family fun to the 2nd Global Frackdown. Oct. 19, 2013 11-2.

Oh yeah, there is gonna be peace at the FRACKDOWN.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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