I am excited and proud to bring our Green Halloween event to the Global Frackdown this year. These are the play exhibits I have been plotting with the amazing artists at the People’s Puppets. Those fossil fuels are getting KICKED OUT!

This mission:

Stop the Fracked Gas Pipeline Monster from Invading Your Community

Our Non-violent Weapon:

Music! – use our Boomwhackers and Recycled Instruments to take down this monster polluter.

“When people sing together, community is created. Together we rejoice, we celebrate, we mourn and we comfort each other. Through music, we reach each others hearts and souls. Music allows us to find a connection. permalink? Peter Yarrow?

This Mission:

Take Down the Compressor Aggressor

Our Non-violent Weapon:

Writing! Sign a petition and send a writing rocket into the “Minisink Compressor Aggressor.” Sign the family’s petition to Governor Cuomo asking him to consider the dangerous consequences not just of fracked gas drilling, but also infrastructure projects hauling the same pollution through NY in pipelines and compressors to push the gas through the pipes. Explosions, leaks, and accidents happen at alarming rates in residential communities, farms, and public parklands- not industry zones. Write about what you learned today to your circle.

“The Pen is Mightier than the sword.”
Edward Bulwer-Lytton

This Mission:

Defend our (Haunted) House

The Non-Violent Weapon:

Vote with your dollars! Support your local food Greenmarket and businesses that share your goals for child health, environmental justice and non-pollution. Try recycling, up-cycling, re-using, and re-purposing things to save money, reduce your “carbon footprint,” and get creative. Thank you to our Green Halloween partners for the healthy, green treats for all the heroes today!

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”
– Anna Lappe

This Mission:
Cross the Pollution Graveyard Obstacle Course

The Non-violent Weapon:

The March! Marches have made history, and become catalysts for changing systems we have come to learn are unjust and unsustainable. Our march across today’s course is a symbol of the things we hope to lay to rest, and build upon for a better tomorrow.

“Let us therefore continue our triumphal march to the realization of the American dream. For all of us today, the battle is in our hands.”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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