It’s buy two, get one free on one of my most favorite and beloved toys, the bObles Tumbling Chicken. I have 10 in my house, and everyone who comes over plays with my bObles. 3 chickens is one for three people or fun all alone. I love how they interplay with lots of other toys we have at home, too. Toys are the tools of my trade and there is no better gift than good tools to exercise your idea muscles!

With these three chicks, you can do tricks,

One of these tricks a is stack like bricks,


You can lay them in a row,

And walk them like a beam you know,


You can make a tired whack back,

a strong , flexible and relaxed back,


Stretch your calf and unknot your thigh,

Restore your feet as you stand up high,


Practice balance, build your might,

Set a target and test your sight,



Use them to prop up your book,

your computer, your ipad, your kindle your nook,


Use them for a handy seat,

Drum them loud and keep the beat,


Write on them and wash away,


Draw in soap is a favorite for play,


I imagine you will have an idea or two,

As your family explores some new thing to do,

banner shot big boy battle

Add some bObles to your home and discover,

Lots of new ways to play with each other!

The End! Happy Holidays, everyone!

Follow this link to get your 2 chicks, the 3rd will be sent with your order.

Thank you!


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