Imagine a springtime without birds. This happened to a lady near a farm, and she asked Rachel to check it out. Rachel studied about how chemicals sprayed on the crops to kill bugs, were killing the songbirds.

So Rachel wrote a book about what she learned. It was called “Silent Spring,” but the thunder of voices was loud. Lots of people got worried. Then they got mad. Then they took action. Rachel saved the world with non-violence, this is why we study about her.

Did you know she was a Pennsylvania girl like me?

She was an Ecologist, she studied nature- the woods and the sea. She was also a writer about science. She loved the woods and the sea and understood that nature is part of us, and we cannot hurt earth without hurting our own body. She used her writing words to sound a warning. A chemical called DDT is very harmful to creatures. The bad guys who make the chemical called her mean names and said she was not telling the truth. Rachel was telling the truth, and her science was true. And once you learn her truth, you know. And you get worried. And you get angry. And you take action.

Rachel’s legacy is the call for justice for Mother Earth, and all her creatures. Rachel may have died long ago, but her brave words are here for us and still warning us.

This is why we study her:)

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