Founder's Letter: My Roots

Tinker Tree Play/Care started as a daydream. I was a new mom teaching. I loved my career as an author and developer of children’s play curriculum, and I wished as I was leading my circles that my baby was with me. He was in a home-based childcare program and I was grateful to find care on the Upper East Side near my work. I found myself thinking I could do this…I could have both a career in early childhood development and be a stay-at-home mom. I envisioned my home like my grandmothers’ houses, places where you would get fed, loved up, and do interesting things. I was a country kid, now a city mom, and ways to nurture a love of nature and the skills to be at peace is woven through all we do. Caring for children and their families is an  honor, as leading a team of caregivers, who deserve caring and respect for their work to help others do theirs. Tinker Tree has branched out a lot since I opened my home in 2011 as a babysitting hostess to a regulated program to a network of sharing caregivers along the Upper East Side/East Midtown. I am now a mom of two school-aged kids! New York is a city of families, and regardless of the challenges of parenting here, I love it. I welcome you and hope to support your parenting experience, and/or  your teaching experience in this wonderful town.

 – Natalie


We provide meals and snacks, saving lots of little packages. Please consider reducing plastic packaging.

We love our greenmarket! Find one near you www.grownyc.com

We compost our food waste at home and at our greenmarket, it’s easy. Store scraps in the freezer and drop them off!

We don’t buy water in plastic, NYC water is some of the best in the world, and plastic pollutes. Call governor Cuomo (518) 474-8390, and ask him to protect our water from pollution and kick out fossil fuel infrastructure.

..We clean with planet friendly cleaners and disinfectants. We like Dr. Bronners Magic Soap, vinegar and www.forceofnatureclean.com.

We wash hands often with tea tree oil soap, conserve water and do not use hand sanitizers with nasty chemicals.

We sparingly use paper products that are post-consumer recycled. We have washable towels for most tasks.

We buy our energy with the power of wind! www.greenmountainenergy.com

We don’t use “natural gas,” to cook. We choose wind-powered electric instead.