22 Sep2013September 22, 2013

20 Years, 20 Lessons

20 years ago, I left Steeler Country blasting Judas Priest’s “Another Thing Comin.”  I was going to Connecticut and thought I was gonna be a fabulous nanny. Little kids always liked me, and I liked to sing, I could make toys out of recycled stuff and I couldn’t wait to be a mommy someday. I...

13 Mar2013March 13, 2013

Who’s gonna Save the World?

Join us for a workshop of music, art and science about how each of us, no matter how tiny (or tired!) can save our planet. All families welcome, all ages. Featuring: Percussion with Nanny Assis Art and Play Centers hosted by Tinker Tree Play/Care Angela Monti Fox, Founder of The Mother’s Project, Mothers for Sustainable Energy, a global...

05 Mar2013March 5, 2013

March 4th!

My stepmom loves today. She sees it as a day to renew resolutions, and well, march forth toward your destiny. I think about this, and my marching, marching on Washington, marching on Wall St, marching in my neighborhood. I have marched 3 times to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, marched to Dump the Dump at...

21 Jan2013January 21, 2013

Radiation and Your Kitchen:)

January is the EPA’s National Radon Action Month. “Radon” is a word that was popping out at me for a while. It got my mommy-senses tingling, and I felt it was important for me to “take action,” and spread the word. My first sighting came with my new home daycare application. It’s listed as an...

18 Dec2012December 18, 2012

Fire Drills, Bad Guys and Bob Marley

We conducted our monthly fire drill with our daycare group this afternoon. At the time we had 2 4-year old boys, one of them is mine, 2 2-year olds and 4″under 2s.” On staff, there were 4 of us. I always begin the drill with testing the smoke alarm, and saying, “It’s an emergency! We...

09 Nov2012November 9, 2012

Wherever you go, however big you grow:)

One of my babies moved away this week. She took her mommy with her. For a year and a half every weekday we played on my floor, chatted about milestones and motherhood, snuggled everybody’s kids and wished each other good days at work. I love when my parents come and hang out on the floor....

30 Oct2012October 30, 2012

Giving Back Time

Tomorrow is Halloween! This year my gang and I have been busy making Haunted Houses, fighting Fracked Gas Pipeline Monsters, singing, and learning a lot about pumpkins. We enjoy sharing our learning with The Museum of Motherhood and our friends at Pump Station in LA. It was about a year ago that we began learning...

25 Oct2012October 25, 2012

Know What’s REALLY Scary!

Halloween used to belong to the witches, solemnly honoring a dying earth, giving gratitude for her abundance, and caring for the earth that cares for us. I tell my daycare families, “I am the most paranoid mom you know,” when questions come up about food and creams and cleaners.  I hate that I have to...

21 Aug2012August 21, 2012

We are All Born Awesome:)

“I was born awesome,” was the T-shirt she wore on her first birthday. One of the reasons I thinka great t-shirt is the greatest article of clothing to wear, is how you get to say something so perfectly true, and cool like that, on your chest. It gives people something to connect about. I HAVE...