30 Jan2012January 30, 2012

Come, Spring!

Happy Chinese New Year, the year of the dragon! The first spring holiday has arrived, and time to look for the earliest signs of spring in nature. This time reminds me of Emmy, a quiet little girl with coils of shiny brown hair when she was 2. "The crocuses are coming up out of the...

16 Jan2012January 16, 2012

Winter Tree Art

We teach that paper is precious. I will never forget my son's drop-jaw when I told him that to make paper, sometimes we need to kill trees. Our goal is to use only recycled paper, and reuse our paper as much as we can. One way we like is to use one sheet of paper for a...

09 Jan2012January 9, 2012

Giving our Tree

Keeping in tune with Tinker Tree's resolution to waste less, our Christmas tree was a magical opportunity about giving earth's gifts back to the earth.  In November, I began reading a wonderful little book I found at a used book table. Grandpa Tree, by MIke Donahue is simple story of the birth, life and death of...

05 Jan2012January 5, 2012

Winter Play

Today was a cold one, but when you have a room of busy toddlers and preschoolers, you just can’t stay inside all day. One of my favorite expressions I learned from studying Maria Montessori is: “There is no bad weather, just wrong clothes.” Getting out in the weather gives a great opportunity to discuss where...

02 Jan2012January 2, 2012

Reduce, reuse, recycle, resolve:)

Happy new year! I am looking forward to a new year to try new ways to get greener, challenge myself as an educator and impress my kid. The primary resolution I make for the Tinker Tree is to reduce our waste. We are going to replenish our “worm condo” with red wigglers this Wednesday, which...

24 Dec2011December 24, 2011

Giving Dough

  People of all ages enjoy squishing this aromatic soft dough. Does the grown-up with everything have eco-fabulous handmade play dough? Bet not. It's pennies to make, recycles a container, and the dough you $ave could go to giving to favorite charities in honor of your loved one. We love Healthy Child Healthy World, MaxCure...

17 Dec2011December 17, 2011

I miss our worms.

  If you have been following our playroom on Facebook, you have seen our photos of our indoor composting bin. It was a fascinating experiment of science and nature right in my NYC apartment. A Tinker Tree goal is greener, cleaner homekeeping practices as part of taking care of our greater earth. It was a...

11 Nov2011November 11, 2011

Shredded Paper Play

  Recycling is part of our day-to-day play, and how we explore new ideas. Using clean, dry milk cartons as “buckets” for play with shredded paper is a favorite. It’s crunchy and has a wonderful sound. As we fill the carton, we notice it gets heavier. We can shake the carton and listen to the...