12 Oct2016October 12, 2016

Tinkering with Composting- Happy Anniversary Worms!

I realized today that I am about to have my 5 year anniversary of being a worm mom. It’s been one of those things that changed my life the way real parenting does in the way it changes your worldview. What began as a lesson plan about landfills lead to an incredible science experiment that...

30 Jun2016June 30, 2016

10 things I learned after 5 hours in Jail

1. I was glad for training. Getting arrested for a cause is not a spontaneous event. Especially for a mom of young children. It was 6 years between my first rally to my first arrest and a lot of workshops and reading in between. I knew pretty well what would happen from the moment I...

03 Jun2015June 3, 2015

Tinker Recipes #1 Favorites of my guy in the tie.

One of our families is moving away and asked for our recipes to take with them to their new home. we will miss you, little guy in the tie:) Squash Mac and Cheese with PEAS:) 2 cups pureed butternut squash 1 block of organic medium cheddar (8 oz) cut into cubes for easier melting 1/2...

11 Mar2014March 11, 2014

Stuff I teach your kids: Hero Study of Rachel Carson

Imagine a springtime without birds. This happened to a lady near a farm, and she asked Rachel to check it out. Rachel studied about how chemicals sprayed on the crops to kill bugs, were killing the songbirds. So Rachel wrote a book about what she learned. It was called “Silent Spring,” but the thunder of...

29 Jan2014January 29, 2014

I should have called Pete Seeger.

Some time ago, a Tinker dad moved to Cold Spring, NY and told me that Pete Seeger lived there. He worked with the community and somehow acquired the actual phone number of Pete Seeger. He passed it on to me, and said I should invite him to join in our Great Green Playdate, “he’s into...

19 Jan2014January 19, 2014

Tinkering With Ideas: MLK

Tinker Tree Family Flashlight March, MLK day, Carl Schurz Park 6pm 84th and E. End Ave! When I first opened my daycare, I wanted to stay open for 1-2 Monday holidays. I hoped that my moms and dads would have a day off work, and the option to have a full-day of daycare, too. When...

15 Oct2013October 15, 2013

Missions and Weapons for the Frackdown…

I am excited and proud to bring our Green Halloween event to the Global Frackdown this year. These are the play exhibits I have been plotting with the amazing artists at the People’s Puppets. Those fossil fuels are getting KICKED OUT! This mission: Stop the Fracked Gas Pipeline Monster from Invading Your Community Our Non-violent...

08 Oct2013October 8, 2013

Nattie’s Halloween Book Report, Vol. 1

I love to read out loud. Some of my favorite read-along books are coming around again and it’s fun to think about where my 2s are now compared to how they enjoyed this story last year. My son and other 2008 kids are in Kindergarten and I am reminded of them, and their little ways...

05 Oct2013October 5, 2013

We’re getting ready for a rally!

We’re getting ready for a rally, We have so much to say, We calling on our governor, to say NO FRACKING WAY! We are painting signs and singing, Calling all our friends, Asking them to join us, to be sure polluting ends, We are not afraid to fight and stand up for our lands, We...