About the Tinker Tree Play/Day Care Room

Playrooms should be safe and beautiful. Because a child’s play is never the same, equipment should be as flexible as the imagination. The curriculum focus of Tinker Tree is taking care of our environment, and our play centers around small steps to make a big difference.

The Tinker Tree’s curriculum is nature based. The seasons, caring for resources, and recycling are threaded through language, art, sensory experience, science, physical play, outings, and tinkering with toys and blocks. We explore interests that are present in our children's lives: birthdays, new siblings, trips, people, songs and books we like, or a picture we can talk about. We usually have several ideas under creative exploration at any given time. We are active indoors and out, and place a high value on exercise and being physically confident. We have more caregivers per child than is mandated because we believe more loving attention is required when you are away from a parent. Kids need help to relax and get along with other kids all day, and we are committed to their safety and growth.

Some features of our playroon:

bObles Tumbling Animals:

It’s the most useful, imaginative and interactive furniture/toy and we use them in every part of our play.


Battery-free Toy Collection:

For babies to pre-school, math and science, shapes and sizes, dishes and tools, dolls, balls, trucks, puzzels, trains, and building toys. We believe toys with lights and batteries have a place, but in our playroom our focus is an active mind and passive toys.



Dozens of books for reading aloud and dozens more board books for the children’s hands.


Homemade Block Corner:

Plenty for everyone to stack as high or as wide as they like and a fleet of Green Toys vehicles to add to the fun.


Instruments and Music:

Big Drums, shakers, strings, and sticks to learn about sounds and effects.


Living Things:

Plants and a Worm Bin for composting, because it’s wonderful to watch things grow, and learn how we all can do little things to make a big difference.


“Idea Boxes":

Tubs of containers, tubes, lids and canisters and interesting recycled things available for pretending, solving a problem or tinkering!



Pillow Mountain:

Dozens of play pillows, a big soft mattress, blankets and scarves to make cozy spaces, construct buildings, or just relax.



Other small steps we take for Mother Earth:We provide meals and snacks, saving lots of little packages.

  • We buy much of our foods at the greenmarket, buy as much organic as possible, and avoid processed foods.
  • We compost our food waste.
  • We use filtered water rather than bottled water.
  • We clean with planet friendly cleaners and disinfectants.
  • We wash hands often with tea tree oil soap, conserve water and do not use hand sanitizers with triclosan.
  • We sparingly use paper products that are post-consumer recycled.
  • We re-use packaging as art materials and play things.
  • We care for the plants in our playroom.
  • We use only all-natural oils and topical ointments for skin and diaper care.
  • All our toys are made from safe materials.