After School and Full-day Support Pods Winter 2020/2021: Pre-K through Grade 2

After school and Full-day support pods Winter 2020 Pre-K through Grade 2 These programs are designed to support home/remote school learners with small, trusted community members committed to being safe and making the best of a tricky situation. Teacher and student families will work together to ensure a healthy workplace following CDC guidelines and best practices.

The goal is for children to be safe in a group setting by teaching healthy habits, support their academic skills and curiosity, and expose them to big ideas to grow resilience during these challenging times There is limited availability in our licensed childcare program for a pod of 4-6 children for full-day care. “Pods” can also be prepared in a family home. For remote learning, please come with your device and headphones. Meals are included at daycare. Enrichment programs are included.

Orton-Gillingham Group (daily)

Early reading instruction based on proven multi-sensory strategies and decoding clues about the sometimes mysterious, always dynamic English language. Short, chunked lessons through the play enhance and fortify what is done at school.

Math Players (Tuesday)

Math toys, math art, math science, math music! All things numbers, patterns and shapes are explored and meaningfully multiplied. Working memory games, songs to remember concepts and experiments and activities to crack the code that there is more to math than numbers.

Tree-Study (Thursday)

Evergreens and bare branches are the stars of the winter tree show! We will explore how many different kinds of evergreens we can find in our parks, and to keep a peep out for city birds that stick around in winter, as there is plenty of food for them in our busy town. Please be ready for all weather!

Baby Care Playgroup (Daily)

As part of our licensed home-program only. Does your child love babies? This mixed age group of babies and older children will focus on empathy,  understanding and reading non-verbal clues to meeting the needs of babies. This empowering experience gives preschoolers to 2nd graders to experience the joy of making a baby laugh, comforting someone and how to help a baby grow, give a “report” to parents about their baby’s time with us. Meals included.


Full Day, 8am-5:30pm, $150

½ day morning 8am-1pm, $75

After school, collection (included at ps290) until 5:30pm, $75. Neighborhood schools $15, collection waived for 2+ in a group.