We began matching families with trusted caregivers in our circle since summer of 2015. We pair families with similar care needs, help prepare a host home for two families’ children to play, and place a team of Tinker-trained caregivers to share the job.

The process begins with an initial meeting, and outlining a family’s needs, space and preferences to create plan for care. We work with hosting families and share what we know about home safety and baby-proofing, non-toxic cleaning and establish places to play and sleep at the host’s family home. Each family pair has a team of 2-3 primary caregivers, and 1-2 substitutes for continuity of care.

Caregivers are employees of Tinker, and we cover their taxes and insurance and scheduling. Our hiring process for caregivers includes reference checks, background check, and 30 hours minimum training (including CPR and health and safety practices) before placement in a team. Tinker Tree provides ongoing support and training throughout their placement.

Caregiver responsibilities include preparing meals and snacks, activities, park outings, preparing for and supervising naptimes, reporting about the children’s day, and cleaning duties associated within the share activities only. Every effort is made that families and caregivers have a match that feels good for all. When there is room open in Tinker Tree’s family daycare, families enrolled in shares are offered spaces first, and children enrolled in shares can enroll part-time in daycare as spaces become available.