30 Jun2016June 30, 2016

10 things I learned after 5 hours in Jail

1. I was glad for training. Getting arrested for a cause is not a spontaneous event. Especially for a mom of young children. It was 6 years between my first rally to my first arrest and a lot of workshops and reading in between. I knew pretty well what would happen from the moment I...

31 Jul2012July 31, 2012

Little ones, when I was little, I could not drink our water.

We lived in a big, old farmhouse in Masontown, PA. Our back yard was as big as Carl Schurz Park.It had a giant evergreen tree in the front yard that shielded my brother and me from sunburns as we dug in dirt all day long underneath. This place had the the greatest sled-riding hill ever, and...