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Playrooms should be safe, interesting and comforting. We believe that because a child’s play is never the same, we believe equipment and toys should be as flexible as the imagination. Our furniture can transform from a boat, then a diner, to a cozy house to a snack time table within moments and allows us to make the best use of New York City space. The guidance practice of Tinker Tree is “keeping peace,” by “taking care.” Through caring for self, our babies, home and environment, playing well centers around awareness of peace to learning and thriving and having fun. We believe in long, open playtimes indoors and out with loving grown-ups nearby.

The Tinker Tree’s curriculum in a nutshell, is to save the earth. These little children have a very big responsibility ahead, and saving the world is going to take everyone getting along and practicing compassion and courage. We follow the seasons and connect what we can do in our own home to make a difference outside. This inspires our art and music, the books we read and the things we do when we go to the park and some of the most fascinating conversations between friends.

Tinker’s Toys

Building both body and mind, our big collection of bObles is a big hit with all ages.


Our playroom focus is an active mind and passive toys. We don’t use battery operated toys or electronic media in the playroom to keep our children connected to faces and friends instead.


Books are one of the most beloved things in any playroom, shared in group times or lap times, books are always available in English and Spanish. We teach care for books as part of caring for and loving the trees, books are precious, we sing.


These are blocks created from boxes or containers by our caregivers and children together, and a way to share our repurposing ideas and make use of the containers and “trash” we accumulate.


Big Drums, shakers, strings, bells, and sticks to learn about sounds and effects, some are home-made and some from far, far away places.



We care for our houseplants, keep a worm composter and grow butterflies every year indoors. Outside playtimes about looking for birds and worms and bugs, hug trees and play in the mud, and notice the season around us.

WormPlay2-225x300 WormStuff-300x224

Tubs of containers, tubes, lids and canisters and interesting recycled things available for pretending, solving a problem, turning into art, or recycling. These can lead us anywhere!

Blankets, scarves, sheets, pillows and mattress enhance play and offer cozy-space building when needed.

We offer several kinds of blocks, building toys appropriate for all ages.

Tinker Nesting Tips

We provide meals and snacks, saving lots of little packages. Please consider reducing plastic packaging.

We love our greenmarket! Find one near you www.grownyc.com

We compost our food waste at home and at our greenmarket, it’s easy. Store scraps in the freezer and drop them off!

We don’t buy water in plastic, NYC water is some of the best in the world, and plastic pollutes. Call governor Cuomo (518) 474-8390, and ask him to protect our water from pollution and kick out fossil fuel infrastructure.

We clean with planet friendly cleaners and disinfectants. We like Dr. Bronners Magic Soap, vinegar and www.forceofnatureclean.com.

We wash hands often with tea tree oil soap, conserve water and do not use hand sanitizers with nasty chemicals.

We sparingly use paper products that are post-consumer recycled. We have washable towels for most tasks.

We buy our energy with the power of wind! www.greenmountainenergy.com

We don’t use “natural gas,” to cook. We choose wind-powered electric instead.